Mortgages can be a complicated business, and many are unsure where to look to get advice. Often, when it’s time to get a mortgage, most people tend to speak to their existing bank or building society. Whilst this may be worthwhile, it could mean you’re limiting your options.

To make sure you find the right mortgage option for you, you need to make sure you research all the deals available and have a clear understating of what you’re buying into. This is why you may wish to speak to a mortgage broker, as they will be able to offer you a wider range of options available on the market.


What is a mortgage adviser?

A mortgage adviser gives advice on different types of mortgage products. They can help you from the very start with getting your finances together, right through to the day you pick up your keys. A mortgage adviser will ensure you understand what the first steps are, tell you what research you need to do, help you budget when saving for a deposit, show you how to use budget planning tools to work out how much you can borrow and perhaps most importantly, find you a mortgage and process the application.

Finding your mortgage

Once you’ve saved your deposit and found a property you like, you can go back to your mortgage adviser who will search thousands of deals from many different lenders, to find the right one for you. They will be able to tell you which mortgage companies are likely to lend to you, based on the type of property you want to buy.

Using an adviser means you have an expert on hand at all times, helping to find the right deals for you. This means you are less likely to be turned down and you can secure the property you want more smoothly.

Easy applications

As soon as the mortgage adviser has found the mortgage which meets your needs, they will then sort out the whole application for you – saving you time (and a big headache) by dealing with the paperwork. They will also deal with surveyors, your legal company and handle any paperwork that comes with a mortgage application. Most reassuring of all, a mortgage adviser will keep you informed every step of the way. They will also be on hand should you have any questions during the process.

And that’s not all, a mortgage broker can also help you with mortgage protection insurance too

After buying your home, you will need to consider buildings and contents insurance too. Life insurance and critical illness cover will also be beneficial just in case something unexpected happens. Fortunately, many mortgage advisers are qualified to help advise you on just this, so ask them about what they can do for you. Don’t forget they can shop around on your behalf and find the right policy for you and your family, and deal with any paperwork required, all the while letting you concentrate on preparing for your new home and finding that lovely new sofa.

Mortgage brokers have flexible working hours and will work around you

If you work standard hours and aren’t sure when you’ll ever get the chance to see someone to talk about a mortgage during the day – don’t worry! A good mortgage adviser will fit around your diary. They can also deal with everything over the phone and email, meaning they aren’t restricted to branch and office opening hours. This can be a real help when you have a million other things to focus on.